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6 Responses to “Pastitsio”

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  2. Mandy, every Sat night during the summer, in my late teens – early 20’s, my friends and I would always head to the 24 hour Greek run diners after a late,late night out. There was one diner in particular that made an awesome Pastitsio, and I ALWAYS ordered it. Guess what? Yours looks even better! I’m drooling!

    That said, I have a little ‘award’ for you! You can ‘pick it up’ here:

    Just scroll to the bottom of that entry 😀

  3. Cookie said

    This looks like the PERFECT recipe to switch up the old Lasagna! I mean, how can you go wrong with pasta, MEAT and so much CHEESE? YUM! I’m totally gonna give this one a try!

  4. Cyndi said

    The meat sauce contains 3.3 lbs. of ground beef? Just wanted to check because it seems like an awful lot of meat!

    • MandyM said

      Yup, that’s correct, it’s about 3.3lbs.
      The amount this recipe makes is quite a lot as I do it in a very large dish, and once you’ve spread the meat and it falls inbetween the pasta, it doesn’t seem too much at all. When I make a lasagne in that same dish I use about the same amount of mince, it serves 8 to 10 portions. 🙂

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